Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our best April Fools gag ever!

Our turn!
After years of fish being taped on our backs by our kids on April 1st, my husband and I came up with the BEST. GAG. EVER. 

Our son was in Grade 6 and his young sister in Grade 2, both going to the same school for the last year, so it was our last chance to do the following.

We both made sure to be home before the kids got back from school, which surprised them. Then, with our best poker faces, we told them their principal had asked us to meet him in his office. "Any idea why?", I asked with a concerned face. Both kids were at loss to come up with an explanation. 

We all hopped in the car and did the 10-min. drive, during which I would grill them to find clues as to why we got the call from the principal. As we got parked in front of the school, I announced that it was their last chance to confess if they had done anything wrong (what a great way to go fishing, by the way!). Still nothing. By that time they were truly perplexed and getting a bit apprehensive.

We feigned getting out of the car... before exclaiming: "April Fools! We're going to the movies." Then we took them out for a burger and an early movie as they tried to wrap their brains around what had just happened.

Good times, good times...

Here's my favourite link to find a movie: (The Lego Movie is still going on, we saw this as a family with our teens and all loved it, dad included!)

Here a link to my Pinterest board on more ideas for April Fools.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014