Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Glen Stewart Ravine revisited

Great workout!
In today's Globe & Mail, the great architectural critic Lisa Rochon wrote about the Glen Stewart Ravine revitalisation. I visited it last week without realizing it was about to be unveiled and found it quite changed from last year. The new staircase is indeed monumental! 

I recommend you don't immediately climb up the steel stairs when you see them (assuming you're entering the ravine from Glen Manor Drive East). Keep walking until you reach a dirt path to your right. It will lead you an old wooden staircase, and to Beech Avenue. Turn right, then right again on Balsam Avenue. When you see a schoolyard to your left, look to your right for an unassuming entrance to the ravine, set between two houses.

This passage will take you to the new stairs (and a part of the ravine most visitors missed before). You'll find more about Glen Stewart Ravine on 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A new adventure begins

OK, here we go. My first blog ever (in English)! 
Me and my friend Yannick Lallement just launched the new website We'll be adding to it massively in the next months but I'm sure you'll find the current version of our Water Fun and Nature's Call sections quite useful.

I'm thrilled to finally have a place to pass on updates of my guides' content (Toronto Fun Places and Toronto Urban Strolls), as well as reviews of books and films, trends and news I find interesting, and the odd hilarious things of life. I'll eventually learn how to archive my postings so you can easily search them by categories. Until then... bear with me.