Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Glen Stewart Ravine revisited

Great workout!
In today's Globe & Mail, the great architectural critic Lisa Rochon wrote about the Glen Stewart Ravine revitalisation. I visited it last week without realizing it was about to be unveiled and found it quite changed from last year. The new staircase is indeed monumental! 

I recommend you don't immediately climb up the steel stairs when you see them (assuming you're entering the ravine from Glen Manor Drive East). Keep walking until you reach a dirt path to your right. It will lead you an old wooden staircase, and to Beech Avenue. Turn right, then right again on Balsam Avenue. When you see a schoolyard to your left, look to your right for an unassuming entrance to the ravine, set between two houses.

This passage will take you to the new stairs (and a part of the ravine most visitors missed before). You'll find more about Glen Stewart Ravine on 

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