Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The ABC of strolling

Love letters
Two weeks ago, I noticed a large ornate letter "R" painted on the sidewalk in front of Red Rocket Coffee (1364 Danforth). I asked the owner if he had hired someone to do this.

Turns out an artist, Victor Fraser, has taken on him to paint the alphabet over 2 kms along the north side of Danforth, between Woodycrest and Woodmount Avenues. He calls them "Love Letters", hence the little hearts on some of the letters. According to the artist, the painted letters should last at least a year.

Here's your chance to take the kids on a fun I-Spy game which will make them walk 5-K without even realizing it as you walk your way up and down the alphabet.

Letter "A" sits in front of Magic Oven (798 Danforth) and you'll find "X" by Wheels and Wings Hobbies (1880 Danforth), with all the other letters in between. (I could not find "Y" and "Z" beyond Woodmount.)

To complement the alphabet theme, don't miss the Alphabet Mural at the south corner of Danforth and Monarch Park Avenue, by Patisserie Cigogne (1419 Danforth).

At 3 Woodmount, just north of Danforth past the letter "X", is a favourite among the locals: Carter's Ice Cream. Just south of Danforth, you'll find East Lynn Park, the cutest little park nested in a pit, with original playground structure and a lovely wading pool.

If the kids are too tired to stroll back to your starting point, Woodbine Subway Station is a short walk west of the park, just north of Danforth on Woodbine.


  1. As of mid-June 2013:
    I noticed Victor Fraser refreshed his letters all along Danforth Avenue! Good for him!


    I saw the "R" Saturday night. Will look for "J" n get a pic with it for my first name.

    Tanx!!! :)