Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why I don't do ratings

I don't do ratings
I just read a review (good review) recently posted on amazon.ca about my guide Toronto Fun Places... for families. In it, the reviewer comments that ratings would have been nice.

I wanted to give some ratings at the beginning. But as I got further into the research for the first edition, dragging along friends and families, I came to realize that some outings I would have rated very high, considering my son's enthusiasm for the place, were not a big hit with some other kids. For example, when we visited an indoor rock climbing place, my son's experience (an outgoing little guy) was totally different from his best friend's, who was really shy and hated having all eyes glued on him as he was trying to reach the bell at the top of the climb. How do you rate this?

It made me realize that ratings are quite arbitrary and that it could actually mislead parents. I chose instead to describe the places in my guides in such a way that parents could figure out if it's suitable for their own children.

I'm hoping parents will add their own ratings to my descriptions in my new website torontofunplaces.com!

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