Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Things you'll like about ROM's exhibition Pompeii (2)

The Royal Ontario Museum's new exhibition Pompeii: In the Shadow of the Volcano will be on until January 3, 2016. 

What YOU will love about it:
The casts of Pompeii citizens frozen in time.

What YOUR KIDS will love about it:

The cast of a dog that could not escape because he was chained to his dog house... And the mosaic of a dog which said "Beware of the dog", which was found at the house of this dog!... And the T-shirt of this dog mosaic you will find in the gift shop at the exit of the exhibition.

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Interesting facts about the casts
• People were buried in the ash, which hardened to form a porous shell, meaning that the soft tissues of the bodies decayed, leaving the skeleton in a void. Fiorelli, the director of works in charge of the excavations in 1863, had plaster poured into the cavities and then chipped away the ash, exposing the cast of a person killed during the eruption almost 1800 years earlier. 
• Some 100 casts were done of the estimated 1,100 bodies found. We think there were 12,000 people living in Pompeii at the time.
• The casts at the ROM's exhibition which are made out of resin are actually 3D prints of the original casts. 

I recommend you watch the BBC movie Pompeii: the Last Day with your kids AFTER attending the exhibition, for more impact.

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