Thursday, April 11, 2013

(April 10) Book at the print shop

The book is done, but the stress is not over

Phew! Now, "all" I have to do is wait for the books from the print shop. And it is a very stressful time!

There's this little voice inside every author and publisher (and proofreader!) saying "Wait and see what kind of stupid typo you left in there!"

What can go wrong?
Aapart fromm typos and erors of atten... (will you look at that!), I've had all kinds of other problems at this stage. 

Once, the 5,000 copies of Toronto Fun Places I reordered (after having sold out 5,000 copies in a few months) were not properly glued (German binding I think they call it)! I had to recall them all from the bookstores and wait for properly glued books, loosing a bunch of summer sales in the process.

In the 5th edition of Toronto Fun Places, the photos on a couple of important pages, including "A word from the author" were badly printed, despite the fact that I approved perfect PDFs. (It's a case of changes made in one file used to print the proofs but not communicated to the print shop.) For this one, I got a credit off the next printing job!

Left is what I approved, right is what I got:

So you see why I can't relax just yet.

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