Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to use Toronto Fun Places 5th edition

Kennedy Subway Station
About Toronto Subway Stations

In my 480-page guide Toronto Fun Places, I've created a whole chapter on things to do and see within a 10-minute walk of each Toronto Subway Station. (It took me a whole month to do the research around the 69 stations.)

Parents tend to forget that the ride is as important as the destination, especially for kids who haven't forgotten yet to live in the present!

Kennedy Subway Station
Don't underestimate the wonderful adventure of a subway ride for a young child. And you want to be there when they take their first subway ride ever. 

Imagine it from their perspective: the turnstile! the escalators! the dark tunnel! the swoosh of air pushed by the coming car! the speed! I reckon it can be a bit nerve racking for a new parent. With kids under 6, I suggest you try to have a ratio of one adult per kid.

Surprise them!
Tell your kids you're taking them on a subway ride but surprise them with a fun destination. The subway is already an outing in itself. If there's a playground, a fun urban sight or an ice-cream cone to top it off, even better.
Dutch Dream 10-min. St. Clair West Station
I've included everything I thought would be of interest to kids and their families in the Subway chapter: toy stores, playgrounds, bowling, fun restaurants, treats, cool sculptures, etc.

• Not all stations are staffed. Bringing the exact change is a good way to avoid any bad surprises. The one-way fare is $3/adult, $2/student, 75¢/kids.) 
• Even better, at staffed stations, you can get a $10.75 Day Pass for family/group to ride all day (until 5:30 a.m. the next morning) on a Saturday, Sunday or statutory holiday. It's valid for 1 adult and up to 5 kids (19 years and under), or 2 adults and up to 4 kids. Visit ttc.ca for details.

• To estimate the duration of a ride, count two minutes per station.
• Not all the stations have elevators and the escalators are often one way only. Expect to carry your stroller and dare to ask for help.

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