Saturday, August 17, 2013

CNE Tips for moms: About food

Nutella fries
Food as an adventure at the CNE?

This year, for the first time, I attended the CNE media event prior to the official opening of the Ex. Now I know why we hear so much about the food at the CNE in the media

After watching a few excepts from shows to be presented during the CNE, and before members of the media were invited to try the Zip Line (which I didn't because I'm such a wimp), the real action was taking place around the food table set up for us so we could taste all kinds of "edible creations" I am sure teens and husbands will be tempted to try at the Ex.

What's a cronut? It's a sort of croissant fried like a doughnut and part of the Maple Bacon "Cronut" Inspired Burger, the new creation of the Epic Burger Team who brought the Krispie Cream Burger to the CNE in 2011. Don't expect a calorie count from the maker! I tried a quarter of this cheese burger... Not bad. For the bragging factor, you might want to share one with your family.

What's in your purse? I really liked the Halloom Cheese Sesame Purse (much healthier! with tomato and Greek cheese). I thought they charged $5.50 for what I sampled but no! It's the price for the bigger purse which sat next to the samples. Definitely big enough to share.

Click here to learn more about food at the CNE.

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Bacon ice cream at the CNE

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