Friday, August 30, 2013

TOP-10 Lego ideas on Pinterest

There are hundreds of them! I checked.

When I was writing my article on Legoland Discovery Centre, I decided to create a Pinterest board on all the fun stuff I could find about Lego. I came across hundreds of boards from Lego fans.

Lego bricks have been used to create: artworks, public art, jokes, architecture, games, education, collective projects, miniature cities (including Toronto at the Legoland Discovery Centre in Vaughan Mills)...

Here are my top-10 Lego ideas you'll find on my board "Writer's (Lego) Block" on (you'll need to have a Pinterest account in order to access the boards, it's easy!). The fun thing about Pinterest boards is that when you click on an image on a board, it leads you to the original source of the image (website or blog).

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