Saturday, October 12, 2013

My TOP-10 Halloween costume and decor suggestions seen on Pinterest

Pinterest to the rescue!
You'll find all these pins and more on my board Clever Halloween/Thanksgiving stuff on 

For those who are as passionate about costumes and decor as I am, Halloween is pure bliss. 

I have my share of hours spent crafting costumes project which would always take much longer than planned (I remember a few all-nighters...). But thanks to Pinterest, it is now easy to find plenty of amazing (and simple) ideas to make our life easy.

Here are my TOP-10 Halloween ideas found on Pinterest.

The costumes seem relatively easy to make and there are a few home facade ideas too. I think I'll try the door decor this year. My 16-year old wants to be at the door to greet the little guys and we want to have some fun with this.

A few other good Halloween ideas
These three Halloween treats caught my attention. 

And the two following costumes are something, aren't they? One for a little boy on a wheelchair, and the other for a big boy... with a message? (He's dressed as 50 Shades of Grey!)

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