Friday, October 4, 2013

Try Nuit Blanche with kids!

Sleepless in Toronto

Your Nuit Blanche probably won't be sleepless if you're with kids (those days are over!) but you can start at 7 p.m. before the crowds kick in, and enjoy as many eclectic activities as your family can bear. Warning, my friend's four kids were still going strong at midnight!

After attending most of the past Nuit Blanches, I can tell you it is hard to predict what awaits you. Activities can last anywhere from two minutes to half an hour. There can be a massive crowd, or hardly anyone. They can be very creative or very disappointing.

The unknown is actually part of the fun. Control freaks will want to avoid this experience.

My recommendations for Nuit Blanche 2013 with kids:
I had a look at the 2013 activities I'd want to visit with kids 14 years and under and came up with a 3.1 km circuit (it takes approx. 15 minutes to walk one km, excluding the time you stop to admire the installations).

It starts at King Subway Station and ends at Queen's Park Subway Station.

The funny thing is, it starts with an elephant in a courtyard and ends with an elephant in a trunk!

Nuit Blanche in previous years
Points of interest:
• Get off King Station, walk to Yonge, go south and take the first little street (Melinda Street) to reach the statue of an elephant mom with her two babies in the courtyard (not part of Nuit Blanche but a cute urban sight in Toronto). 
• Then continue on Jordan Street towards King Street to see Project #43: a cathedral built out of garbage bins! (A couple of years ago, we saw a church made out of camping equipment!)
• Walk across King Street and through Scotiabank (check the superb life-size painting of a fall on the wall on your left by the entrance) and exit into Adelaide Street and walk across the courtyard to reach Cloud Gardens.
Project #20 is supposed to involve some campfire but I just wanted you to see the lovely fall and layout of this park. (Comment after Nuit Blanche: it actually involved holograms of people set in place of the water fall!)
• Walk to Nathan Phillips Square where there's a lot to see: the intriguing Crash Cars Project #2, Project #1, a sculpture made out of over 3,000 bikes.
Nuit Blanche in previous years
• Then there's Project #9, involving more bikes, on a path leading to University Street.
• Then, if you walk south to Queen and start to walk northbound along University Street up to College, you'll see many projects part of what they call the Parade, starting with the Queen of the Parade, Project #15, at Queen. I can't wait to see along the way Music Box, Project #14, the Paper Orbs, Project #17, the Ferry Wheels, Project #25 and the Clown Factory, Project #42. The 12-foot Monster Child, Project #64, at the foot of Queens park, is also intriguing.
• The Elephant in the trunk (Project #69) would offer a nice finish to this great urban family outing.

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Nuit Blanche in previous years

Nuit Blanche in previous years

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