Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2013: TOP-10 Christmas stocking stuffers at Bergo

While visiting the Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery, I stopped by Bergo Designs to see if they had a few fun trinkets I could add to Christmas stockings. It turns out they just expanded last week and have added a new toys section!

Bergoin the heart of the Distillery, is still filled with beautifully designed expensive things ($300 tabletop fireplace, anyone?), but you will find more gifts under $50 than ever.

Here are the TOP-10 favourite things I found under $20 is this great store (in no particular order). It is followed by information about the cutest useless $24 gift I got at Bergo for my daughter! (Note that the Christmas Market goes on until December 15, 2013.)
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(1) Cool hostess gift! Little belts to use as drink markers.
The good thing is that they work on all shapes of glasses.
(2) No room for a Christmas tree? No problem. How about an 18-inch inflatable one?

(3) Perfect for cabin fever! A card game with a log pattern on the other side
so you can also build a cool house of cards! They also have card sets to build
a castle, a townhouse or a green house.
(4) This can of soup includes 36 dice with letters on them to play word games
with the whole family. Love it!
(5) Just because.
(6) Bergo carries all kinds of cool molds for cupcakes and muffins. This kit comes with
two molds and two spoons shaped like rabbit ears.
(7) A Christmas stocking is not complete without silly gadgets.

(8) These magnets look so real! The insects are almost 3-cm long.
(9) You can turn any objet into a character with these googly eyes.
The green box includes eyes that will glow in the dark.
(10) This cool bike clip carries the message: I want to ride my bicycle.

I'm so getting this!
I fell in love with an electronic butterfly in a Mason jar sold for $24. It is so whimsical, it puts a smile on anyone's face. 
The butterfly is attached to a thin wire. There's a battery (included) inside the cap. When you tap the cap, it activates the flexible wire and the butterfly starts to move in a very realistic way. Watch this video to see it in action! (It is in the kids' section at Bergo.)

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