Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ripley's Aquarium photo gallery (Toronto Fun Places)

Not many people would normally venture south of the CN Tower unless they had to see a game or a show at the Rogers Centre. This is all changing now, thanks to the new Ripley's Aquarium. 

Planned to open this last summer, Ripley's Aquarium could only open its doors in October so by Christmas time, there was still a big hype around it (they've added over 500,000 visitors in three months). 
At night, the building itself looks a bit like an aquarium.

Managing the line-up
When visiting during Christmas time, I could see that they are still adjusting to such a huge success, which came with some logistical problems (line-up management and customer service in general) and maintenance (overuse of interactive displays causing some break downs). 

I would expect that attendance will slow down a bit in the coming months (which should leave them some time to come up with solutions) before catching up again next June for the summer tourism season.

Here are some of the pictures of our visit with our teenagers. We loved it! You can also read about my 5 tips to better enjoy the aquarium experience.

Light balls at the foot of the CN Tower

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