Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Frozen movie at minus 25!

Doesn't get cooler than this!
When my 16-year-old insisted we go see the Disney movie Frozen, I thought it had to be quite good for word-of-mouth to give it such a positive rating amongst the teenagers. We hopped on the streetcar at minus 25 to head to the movie theatre to see the 3D version of it. 

Wow! It was good! By now you must have seen video clips and figured out how charming and funny the characters are. Have you seen the 15-sec. clip of Olaf nose bump? And Olaf Super Bowl clip? Hilarious.

How lovely are the voices. As a francophone who personally knows José Paradis, a singer who's done the Québécois version of many songs for Disney movies, I know first hand how much attention Disney pays to the songs. The best way to illustrate this is the clever 3-min. clip they did of Frozen's Let It Go in 25 languages. 

Forzen's YouTube clips you see  don't convey how gorgeous the whole movie is with an amazing attention to details. I would go back in a flash just to see once more the beautiful  rendition of ice and light on the big screen. The sequence where Elsa builds an ice castle build with her powers is simply breathtaking.

Disney's magic is back!
I knew it as soon as I watched the short movie they presented before the 3D movie. I suspect they don't feature it in the video version as you need 3D glasses to appreciate it. (I still have goose bumps remembering how good it was.) 

It started with a beloved traditional black & white cartoon with Mickey, Minnie, the cows and the big bad cat (you know, the old ones where Walt Disney did Mickey's voice; so cool to see them again on the big screen).

At one point, in the middle of the action, Mickey was thrown in the air... and he "pierced" the screen and landed on our side, in full colour 3D! From the hole left in the big screen, we could see the others characters also in 3D while the cartoon action kept unfolding in black & white.

As you can imagine, eventually, all the characters got on our side and in 3D, with the best visual action to take advantage of this. It was mesmerizing. 

Disney is back and fully into the 21st century.

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