Sunday, May 11, 2014

Thanks Shoppers!

This one made me smile alright

This morning on the sidewalk by my local café I saw a toddler refusing to grab his mom's hand, searching instead for his dad's big paw. The young mom was hurt and complained to her two-year old, in a whiny voice: "But it's supposed to be my day!"

By the entrance at Shoppers Drug Mart, there was a pile of "Make MOM Smile" flyers. I thought to myself: "Geez, everyone is trying to get a piece of that pie."

Then I found it. The perfect gift for Mother's Day and it was under $25. I bought it, grabbed Shoppers' flyer, went straight home, and left it on the table for my family, before heading out to meet with some girlfriends. (The Turtles are to keep the cleaning team happy.) Tonight, the cupboards in my kitchen will be Spic and Span.

The weird thing is that my perfect gift was not even listed in the promo flyer. I don't get it! (I'm assuming the one who put it together was not a mom. Or at least, not an experienced one.)

This concept is my gift to all the young moms. ;-)

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