Tuesday, March 19, 2013

(March 19) Uploading the guide to the printer!

About (finally) uploading the book 
to the printer
Yesterday night, I uploaded the full PDF version of Toronto Urban Strolls... for girlfriends (2) into my printer's deposit site.

This is the entire work of the last months. 
I sooooo deserve a treat!

How it works
They gave me a user name and a password to access it.

When we saved the inDesign file as a PDF, we went in the "Marks and Bleeds" menu and checked the box "All Printer's Marks", which automatically added crop marks, color bar and page information on each page of the PDF. Very cool and easy!

Cover 1-2 (front and back of a book) was 4.7 MB. 
Cover 3-4 (inside covers) was 1.6 MB.
The inside of the book: 
a large 300 MB document!

The ready-to-print cover looks like this:

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