Sunday, March 3, 2013

(March 3) A Criminal Minds moment

Felt like a (little) Criminal Minds moment!

You know how in Criminal Minds or CSI, they sometimes notice something in the background of a photo which they had overlooked before. Something that gives them a clue as to what really happened?

I just got one of these moments as I was selecting photos for my Danforth Stroll. (Two days ago, I went to Pizzeria Libretto with a friend to treat myself with their unique pizza.)

I had taken a shot to get a good view of the great lights hanging from the ceiling. In my next shot, I tried a horizontal version. 

As I was focusing my attention on the lamps, I was oblivious to people's reaction.

Oops! It is so not my intention to make people uncomfortable.
Now I can imagine them saying: "Look, she's taking our picture!"
"There she goes again!" 

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By the way, the food was amazing! Rocco's Salad (topped with a fried egg with yolk running over everything when you cut it) and pizza of the day. Yum!

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