Saturday, May 4, 2013

High Park in full bloom

This week's family outing of the week on

High Park with its Cherry Tree Lane in full bloom, combined with a stop at the superb wooden castle inside the park. Spring at its best!

Update, as of May 5: A friend tried to visit High Park this weekend and the traffic was so heavy, they could not access it. She said that next time when visiting on the weekend during the full bloom period, she would take the subway. (It would take you 15 minutes to walk from High Park Subways Station to Grenadier Restaurant, not far from the Cherry Tree Lane.)

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  2. A friend of mine was there today (Sunday May 6) and tried to access High Park at around 1 pm. Traffic was so nasty (there's construction on Bloor West) they had to turn around. She said that the subway would be the best way to visit the park on weekends during the full bloom.

    I personally visited it on a Friday and even though it was crowded, we did not have problems entering and parking by Grenadier Pond.

    Good luck during your visit! And remember that spring is a wonderful time to visit the park even past the bloom period.