Friday, May 10, 2013

What to do with your family around the Younf People's Theatre

Tips for a great family cultural outing!
Here are a few tips to make the most of your outing before or after a show at Young People's Theatre.

Best parking option
The YPT is located at 165 Front Street East, west of Sherbourne. Most parking lots around the theatre offer a $5 flat rate from 6 p.m. and on the weekends.  

The indoor Frederick Street Garage, just north of the Starbucks facing the theatre (in the same building as the café) offers a $5 flat rate after 4 p.m. 

Want them to burn off some energy?
You know your kids. If you feel they'd better enjoy the show after a stretch in the park, take them to David Crombie Park (a 5-minute walk). It is a long and narrow park including an inviting large climbing structure, a great mural, a fountain and plenty of space to run (see more photos at the end of the blog). 

To get there from Frederick Street Garage, walk east on Front Street, along the theatre, then turn south on Sherbourne and left on The Esplanade. At the corner of Lower Sherbourne and The Esplanade, you'll find a line-up of places where you could grab some food to eat in the park: Coffee Times, Pizza Novo, a sushi place and a convenience store.

Want to take them to an exotic place?
Or, you could take your family to a truly whimsical mexican-food restaurant called Pacific Junction Hotel (no, it's not a hotel). Simply walk north from Frederick Street Garage and turn right on King Street. The restaurant is at 236 King East, just east of Sherbourne.  

That's where you might have a chance to sit in a half-bath tub, play pool or ping-pong and try alligator meat tacos (tastes like chicken) or more traditional tacos and nachos. I've shared a large bowl of Mojito with my girlfriends there once, but that's another kind of outing isn't it?

The game room at Pacific Junction Hotel

Facing David Crombie Park

Western part of David Crombie Park

Middle of David Crombie Park (note that there's a different mural now!)

Eastern part of David Crombie Park

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