Tuesday, February 5, 2013

(Feb. 05) Tips about working in cafés The Making of a guide

Working in cafés
A friend of mine who knows I prefer to work in cafés just sent to me this article which explains well the benefits I get from working in cafés. Why you should work from a coffee shop, even when you have an office by Wesley Verhoeve, Jan 25, 2013 on website fastcompany.com.

I agree with everything Wesley says in her article! I'd add the following tips:
• Don't monopolize a table for four!
• Don't spread all over a table. (Be ready to share the space with someone if they ask. When they do, my experience is they never stay long.)
• Make sure the staff sees you leave a tip. When they're really busy, they might not notice. You don't want to risk passing for a big leech!
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