Sunday, February 3, 2013

(Feb. 3) Knowing when it's good enough

About letting go
Over the years, I've learned one thing a writer needs to develop, the ability to know when to let go. A book, an article, a blog could always be better, but there's also such a thing as dead-lines! 

Yesterday, I went on Ossington Avenue to double-check some info and try one last restaurant before wrapping up my Ossington Effervescent Vibe Stroll... and I came across a graffiti alley which I had totally missed! (It's in the lane just west of Ossington, north of Queen Street West.)

It was so impressive I decided to redo my circuit to include it. When this happens, I can't help to think about all the other great spots I must be missing. It drives me nuts, until I remember the above mentioned lesson. (Note to ego: we're not writing a novel here!)

What about the last restaurant I tried? 
Tiny Hawker Bar (164 Ossington, next to laid-back Ideal Coffee), the one with the funny sign reading: Prove that you love me and buy the next round. I tasted their intriguing Son-in-law eggs. Delish!!! They're soft-boiled, then fried and laid on a special marmalade. (Love my job!)

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