Wednesday, January 30, 2013

(Jan. 30) About research

About research
Last Sunday, I went to visit The PATH (Toronto's underground path linking downtown's major buildings. Then, I went back yesterday, to see how different it is on a weekday. It is QUITE different!

Without even noticing it, we're used to a certain mix of crowd in shopping malls. So when I walked through the food court in the Bay-Adelaide Centre, I had a "what's-wrong-with-this-picture" feeling. 

Nothing wrong actually, but it was all suits and business attire and no coats. The corridors were packed with the people who work in all the large corporations downtown. They don't go out. Why would they? Most large building includes its own food court.

I'm glad to say there's much more to The PATH than food court.
All in all, a great stroll to save for the rainy days.

I'll get to write it tomorrow, officially my last day to write the strolls description for the coming Toronto Urban Strolls before I send them to my proofreader. (Off the record, I think I'll still need two more day!)

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