Wednesday, January 2, 2013

(Jan. 02) About motivation

About motivation

When I don't feel productive, it always helps me to remember author Henry Miller's advice: If you can't create, work. 

The fun part of any production is the actual act of creation but it requires a certain quality of presence that is not always attainable. Work, on the other hand, down-to-earth little actions that need to be done in order to realize something concrete, can be adapted to any kind of circumstances and time frame. 

I enjoyed some down time with my family and friends in the last week and did not get to write a full stroll but I got to do a few side actions that required less "brain work", such as selecting the best photos. 

OK, back on track!
To get back on track when writing after a period away from the computer, I need to reconnect myself with the purpose of the book I'm writing. 

In the present case, my guide's purpose is to pass on my enthusiasm for all the whimsical surprises Toronto has to offer. 

My goal is to provide friends with a fun (and relatively inexpensive) way to do something different together.

As I go through the best photos for my Sherbourne High and Low Mix Stroll, I can see how it totally fits the bill!

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