Monday, January 7, 2013

(Jan. 07) About research

About research
Saturday, when I tried to write the description of my Mount Pleasant Cemetery Stroll, I hit a dead-end. I did not know how to approach it. I has to be clear to me in order for me to write clearly about it.

So I went back to rethink the whole think.

I spent 5 hours revisiting every nook and crannies... in my car (there are over 12 km of paved paths in Mount Pleasant Cemetery!), getting out in the wet snow every 5 minutes to snap photos for my files.

I discovered statues I had never seen. I spotted my favourite sections and finally found a way to link most of them into a nice walk. Mission accomplished.

A security guard came to warn me that I'm not allowed... to photograph the names on the graves (OK, this might involve some photoshop on my part). On the other hand, he confirmed to me that we are allowed to park anywhere and as long as we want along the roads within the premises.

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