Thursday, January 3, 2013

(Jan. 03) About flexibility

About flexibility
Wow, life has a way of "getting in the way"!
On my way to the café (my office, remember?), I noticed I had forgotten my phone. I walked back and saw my neighbour on the sidewalk (and babysitter of both my kids when they were preschoolers). She was walking towards me with a grocery bag. I cracked a quick joke, already somewhere else in my mind, thinking we were both heading inside our respective home when my French brain realized what she had just told me: "I think I broke my wrist..."

Four hours in the Emergency room!
Then I left her in the good hands of her daughter.
(Solid broken bone which they had to put back into place. Aouch!) Not exactly what I had planned for the day. Not exactly what SHE had planned neither. 

Back to the regular program
I'm now catching up with my program (writing beautiful Rosedale Valley Road Stroll) after putting my husband in full charge of grocery shopping and dinner. (See what I did here? I delegated!)

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