Sunday, February 10, 2013

(Feb. 10) Creating a book cover

About the creation of a book cover

A few weeks ago, I sent my illustrator Johanne Pepin a DVD filled with photos of places I've visited for Toronto Urban Strolls 2.

She sat on it, thought about it while finishing other contracts and this week, was ready to send me a first rough draft. 

Now, we're engaging in a fun back and forth dialog to achieve the best result, using her eye to create a balanced composition and my knowledge of what would most appeal to my readers.

Getting there!

Orange was the colour popping out on the cover of the first Toronto Urban Strolls. This time, we're going for a shocking pink. The goal here is to make sure buyers won't confuse Toronto Urban Strolls 1 (28 walks) with Toronto Urban Strolls 2 (with 24 additional walks).

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