Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Walking Dead promo at Union Station

High five to a good Twitter campaign 

By chance, I came across two giant hands (2-meter high zombie hands) in the middle of an empty Union Station on February 5. It was the first day of a countdown promo created by Leo Burnett agency for AMC's Walking Dead, resuming on Sunday February 10th.

As I was taking pictures, a security guard offered to take my photo by the hands. "You could tweet it and have a chance to win a finger!" he explains to me. 

On the floor by the right hand lie five ugly zombie fingers. I'm thinking: "Yeah.... no. One of these things entering my house? Over my dead body!" But I can understand the appeal. My husband and daughter are big fans of the series. (He even gave me Pride and Prejudice and Zombies for Christmas, you get the gist...)

So people were encouraged to tweet their photo with the ashtag #TWDFEB10 to enter the raffle. Every day, one more finger fell of the left hand.

When I returned on February 9th, there was indeed only one finger attached to the hand. (The artist who created this prop would come at 9 p.m. every night and carefully cut a finger so it would look "realistic".) Some people showed up dressed in "zombie attire". There was always someone having his or her picture done.

By the evening of February 9th, when I googled their ashtag, it was featured in over 4,000 links. On Twitter, I could see that between 150 to 340 tweets were sent every day.

Since @TheWalkingFans (Walking Dead fan's account on Twitter) and @WalkingDead_AMC (the Twitter account for the series) were both participants in the Twitter conversations, it gave exposure to the fan's  Facebook page and the series' website (both linked on their Twitter profile page).

I'd say it was a pretty successful campaign!
I wonder who got the hands?

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