Monday, November 12, 2012

Enjoying the last colours at the Guild Inn Park and Garden

Once in a while we hear about the Guild Inn Park & Garden in the media when the City of Toronto hires yet another consultant to write a "Request for Proposal" for a restaurant and hotel at the inn.

Don't hold your breath. But until then, we still visit the Guild Inn. I went back to see it last fall and it truly offers a lovely stroll. To get there, take Kingston Road eastbound, turn right on Guildwood Parkway then park (for free) into the estate.

Once you've admire the collection of sculptures and pieces of facade spread around the gardens, make sure you reach the edge of the park, facing the lake. Then, follow the trail going west (to your right) for a last peek at fall colours and a view of the lake. 

Back to the parking lot, we chose to follow a little trail into the woods, which led us down to the lake shore.

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