Friday, November 30, 2012

The Bay Christmas windows

Tonight, I walked by The Bay at Yonge and Queen and had a chance to admire once again the beautiful Christmas windows of The Bay (look for the windows with red awnings).
Soooo pretty! And to put us in the mood, they come with speakers playing Christmas music.

A few years ago, when we could not visit our family in Montreal for Christmas, we went downtown on December 25, expecting to find it empty. It was not! 

I found out:
1) that there were many families hanging between The Bay and Nathan Phillips Square
2) that the Eaton Centre remains open even when the stores are closed to allow those riding the subway to get out (so we got to admire the centre's decorations on December 25)
3) that the skating rink of Nathan Phillips Square is open on December 25, rental booth included 
4) that we could get a hot chocolate near the square.

There used to be a Timothy's at Bay and Yonge, it's been replaced by the restaurant Bannock, with a casual café counter. There's also a Starbuck's on the south-west side of that corner.

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  1. Thank you, thank you! I was missing seeing the windows at The Bay. I'm in North Carolina this winter & this was a wonderful reminder of home. :)