Wednesday, November 28, 2012

(Nov. 28) About working in cafés

Welcome into my office
I love working in cafés.

Yesterday at a café, my neighbour asked me what I was doing (he saw I was playing with Google maps. I showed him the guide). We ended talking about all the great places in Toronto. He knew them all! If there were more people like him I'd be out of business. Turns out he is a magazine photographer with an eye. He was waiting for his wife to finish a girlfriends activity... (our kind of guy!). 

Three more walking circuits to do (I was supposed to be done by now but life got in the way).

About research
Sometimes, I have to go back to the photos I took of a neighbourhood to refresh my memory in order to select the best circuit. Yesterday, as I was working on my Roncesvalles Revamped Stroll, I was trying to remember how far north on Roncesvalles I wanted to go. I wanted to make sure to include the cutest little vintage clothing store: Maggie's Farm (431 Roncesvalles Avenue). 

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