Friday, November 23, 2012

Mike Holmes was here: Jamie Bell Playground

This week, I had the chance to see for myself the section of Jamie Bell Adventure Playground Mike Holmes rebuilt this summer, following an act of vandalism which burned part of the great wooden castle originally on the premises. The community pitched in money. The man delivered. Great job! (See the clip and article published in the Toronto Sun). 

Holmes is the star of Holmes on Homes, a series on construction. Of course, his work on Jamie Bell Playground was filmed to be shown on TV later on. Of course, it's good publicity for him. First thing you notice upon arrival is the large boulder with his logo on it (not there before).

But you've got to love the guy! He turned this boulder into something magical by adding... a sword in the stone! Bring on your camera for a great shot of your little Arthur trying to extract Excalibur from the rock.

The wood of the new castle hasn't darken yet but it blends nicely with the remaining old structure. It offers plenty of nooks and crannies and multi levels giving the impression of being in a labyrinth. 

Once again, the community can be very proud of what it has achieved in tis part of town.

Note that there are still animals in the High Park Zoo along Deer Pen Road, nearby. The little train is not in function at this time of the year but Grenadier Restaurant is open.

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