Sunday, November 25, 2012

(Nov. 25) About dead-lines

About dead-lines
Yesterday and today, I've been slavering over Google maps to trace my circuits (thank to a great little feature on Google Maps!). I use it to create a rough of what I want my illustrator to do for the guide. 

We're going for the artisanal look. My illustrator Johanne Pepin will trace the circuits with carbon paper on watercolour paper, which she will then fill with soft pastel colours. Street names are hand written. She's also working on the new cover for Toronto urban Strolls Part 2 while preparing an exhibition. She's an angel...)

OK, fourteen down, ten to go! 

(Mental note to Nathalie: Don't forget you have friends over tonight for the Grey Cup and you need to feed these people if you want to keep your friends.)

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