Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Christmas Carol with a dancing Scrooge

 Last minute suggestion!
If you're longing for a Christmas activity with a small-village feeling, you've got to go to Stouffville to see their version of A Christmas Carol, playing on December 14, 15 and 16.

Wacky cartoon-like scenes alternate with emotionally charged choreographies in this original take on the classic Dickens, rendered by dance company Motus O. Expect crooner angels, Irish dancers, disco studs, tap-dancing toast (don't ask) and a few spirits of Christmas to play along with a dancing Scrooge.

Stouffville is home to Motus O, an internationally acclaimed company. Quietly, they have carved the local tradition of producing a yearly production of A Christmas Carol, well worth sharing with the rest of the GTA. The whole production is a mix of theatre, musical and dance show, sustained by an energetic and versatile cast capable of great comic timing.

The show opens with the joyful chaos of a village scene featuring many extras selected from the Stouffville community. they've practiced for weeks to be able to share the stage with the professionals and have seamlessly been integrated into the show.

Kids will certainly appreciate how a structure on wheels becomes in turn Scrooge's office, his bed, a front door, a window, a disco dance floor and a grave. Everyone will love Scrooge's inevitable redemption to prove that humans indeed can change for the better.

Lebovic Centre for Arts & Entertainment, featuring the show, is located in Old Stouffville at 19. To buy tickets ($35 for adults, $18/students) go to their website. The show plays Friday December 14 at 7 pm, Saturday December 15 at 2 pm and 7 pm and Sunday December 16 at 2 pm.

While you're in Stouffville
Fickle Pickle Dining Lounge is an unassuming family restaurant with decent food located right in front of the theatre, at 6302 Main Street.
• The Corner House on the Main, one block east, is quaint and pretty and serves fancier food (6403 Main Street).
• A few blocks west, there's a great café, Red Bulb (6148 Main Street Street).

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