Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas lights at Downsview Park

Note for 2015: For the last three years, Downsview Park has posted no info about their Christmas lights on their website or Facebook page. The nice staff at True North Climbing located within the park confirmed to us that the lights are up for 2015. (The following post was written in 2012. I visited it again in 2013, see the photo gallery.)

On my way back from Creative Bag (super place for stocking on wrapping paper, ribbons, bags and boxes) I stopped at Downsview Park, attracted by flashing Christmas lights.

Last week, I had noticed on Downsview Park's website that there was no mention of their big Christmas trail presented (for a fee) in the last few years so the Christmas lights surprised me. I had to see if the website had mislead me.

It turns out this year we can walk for free around Downsview Park, adorned with some lights (don't go expecting Niagara Falls). I saw six flashing displays and some Christmas trees. The paved trail is lit by lamp posts reflecting on the large pond but the rest of the park remains in the dark, which makes for a fun and kind of mysterious walk. (The larger loop is 2.7 km long).

It is a good way to get introduced to the new landscape of this urban park. The park's entrance is east of Keele, off Sheppard. Follow John Drury Drive the fastest you can once in the park.

Hot chocolate, someone?

There's a Country Style open until 11 p.m. every night at 3372 Keele Street, Unit F (on the west side of Keel, north of the park)

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  1. I was about to drive from Guelph to see the old display, thanks for this.

    Shame about the change.

  2. I'm really glad I could help. There's nothing worst than getting the kids all excited for nothing!