Saturday, December 1, 2012

(Dec. 01) About being self-employed

About the "flexible" hours of the self-employed
Gosh it's fun to be one's own boss!

11:12 pm and I'm still at it...
I promised my illustrator I'd send her a package by Monday with the info for the 24 maps I need her to draw for the coming guide and I have a visitor coming tomorrow afternoon from Montreal for two days. 

One thing I can tell you, it's that "liquid paper" is not dead! (Well, not for this photoshop-challenged writer anyway). I have to erase all the street names on the Google maps I use as a reference before I can write the ones I'm keeping, at the place where I want them, so you (future readers) can get a useful walking map.

My motto: One map at a time.
(Good music helps.)

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