Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A new mural in Leslieville!

Last October, a gorgeous mural "appeared" on a large wall along Dundas Street East (just east of Logan) in Leslieville. I live on Booth, just around the corner, and it feels like a lovely gift to us. Even more so now that I know what's behind that public artwork.

I'm now a Facebook friend of The Giant Storybook Project, the page of a German artist duo called Herakut on which I learned that these two artists started last September to paint the story of two giant characters on murals all over the world. (You can see all the photos on their page.) Toronto's mural is their fifth.

(Update as of June 2, 2013)
As a bonus, there used to be Red Rocket Coffee, a cool café which opened in summer 2012 at the corner of Dundas East and Logan. It made it a fun mural/coffee combo stop before heading to enjoy all the shops along Queen East. 

It unfortunately closed a few months ago. I'm leaving the photos I uploaded in my initial post to inspire potential café owners!

Back to the Storybook Project:
Their first mural was done in New York.
Second mural in Lexington, Kentucky.
Third in Eresing, Germany.
Forth in Montreal.
Since, they've done one in Rochester (state of New York),  in San Francisco (California) and Miami (Florida).  

They'll move on to other countries to continue their project through 2013.

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  1. April 17, 2013:
    The café/flower shop Red Rocket Coffee recently posted a sign at the door announcing they've closed for good, due to the owner's health problems. I wish her luck and hope that with all the good vibe she put in her lovely café, it will soon attract new owners.