Thursday, December 13, 2012

(Dec. 13) About chapters

About naming chapters
In non-fiction books, a chapter's title is usually repeated at the top of each page. When deciding on a chapter's title, it's a good idea to make sure it provides the readers with enough hints to help them quickly understand what it's all about.

What's in a name
With this in mind, I chose to give my strolls a two-part name. (In my case, the name of the stroll is the chapter's title.) The first part gives a hint about the location of the walking circuit (the name of a street, a section of the city, a park or a neighbourhood). The second part gives an idea of the appeal of the stroll (feeling of the neighbourhood, special feature, natural asset).

For the coming guide, I came up with the likes of OSSINGTON Effervescent Strip Stroll and HIGH PARK Cherry Blossom Stroll.

I found most of the names for the new strolls but I'm still unsure about a couple of them. There's one around Sherbourne Street. I first named it the SHERBOURNE STREET Old & New Stroll to reflect the contrast between the old houses and the high-rises you find there. Then I read a very good article in The Star accurately describing the mixed feeling one gets along Sherbourne. 

Now, I'm considering SHERBOURNE High & Low Stroll in reference to the high brow/low brow reality. It also works to describe the architectural contrast. 

Hmm... still debating.

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