Saturday, December 15, 2012

(Dec. 15) About timetable

About timetable

It took me two hours to work my way through 1,200 photos I took while doing research for my West Toronto Railpath Stroll and  extract a "Best of" file of 120 pictures.

It took me five hours to write the stroll description, using my 1200 photos and notes as a reference. (I really love this stroll!) I need one more hour to place the photos of the stroll in the InDesign template.

Back to the future
In order to figure out a schedule, I have to focus on the goal: to have the guide in the stores by the first week of April. Which means:

1st week April:     Guides in the stores
End of March:      Books sent from the printer to the distributor
End of February:  Final material sent to the printer
Early February:    Proofreading and corrections

So I have between now and early February to:
• Select the best photos for each stroll
• Write the description for 23 strolls 
• Supervise the creation of the book cover
• Write the back cover and the author's word inside the guide
• Work on the indexes
• Write a Sales sheet for the Sales reps 
• Update the info in Toronto Urban Strolls 1
• Maintain my blogs, FB, Twitter 
• Be a mother and a wife
• And go out with my girlfriends (to maintain my sanity)

OK, it seems my timetable is doable. (Doable Timetable... That's the name of my next rock band).

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