Tuesday, December 11, 2012

(Dec. 11) About the layout

Time flies!
I finally shipped the maps to my illustrator last Sunday.

About layout software
Then, I bugged my husband to make the "skeleton" of the guide for me. He worked from the first Toronto Urban Strolls so it was just a one-hour job (it would have taken me six hours).

My guides are made with InDesign software. My husband, who's also the editor-in-chief of L'Express de Toronto (Toronto's French weekly), did the full layout of the first two editions of Toronto Fun Places. Eventually, I got better at it and now, I can work directly on the guides templates made with InDesign, my dear hubbie polishing the job once I'm done.

Which leads me to my most important piece of advice to anyone wanting to self-publish a book, who doesn't master a layout software: Sleep with the graphic artist! 

(Did I say that out loud?!)

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