Monday, December 24, 2012

(Dec. 24) About working in cafés

Welcome to my office (Part two)

This afternoon, I'll focus on gift wrapping! But this morning, I've worked on finding fun sub-titles for the intro pages on each of my strolls (less demanding than writing on a full stroll).

Once again, I worked in a café today.
This time, an old lady I often see reading the café's newspaper asked to sit at my table (her favourite spot by the window being taken). I wish I'm as "present" when I'm in my 80s! She reads the sections one at a time, returning it on the counter to get the next. Many people chat with her along the way.

I cleared her side of the table to make room for her then sat back to work, with my earphones on.
Gasp! She grabbed my cup of coffee, having decided I was done with it (there were only two gulps left but I always drink it to the last drop, however cold it is). I had to gently insist... 

Now she's mumbling as she reads, to concentrate. Never a dull moment!

Merry Christmas!

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