Friday, December 14, 2012

(Dec. 14) One step at a time

At the moment, I'm looking at the template of the guide on my computer, the "skeleton" my husband prepared for me this week. It's gonna be my life for the next month (with the exception of a few Christmas hiatus).

I've been there before. This is the moment in a project where one is oscillating between elation (The book is going to be so good!) and petrifying panic (What have I gotten myself into! I'll never be able to deliver in time! Abort! Abort!).

One step at a time
Now, I'm about to work on a first stroll. I'm starting with my West Toronto Railpath Stroll (one of my favourite walks in Toronto). 

First step: Sift through 1089 photos taken between 2010 and now to remember everything interesting about this stroll and to create a "Best of" file of approx. 50 photos.

Second step: Write the stroll's description directly in the InDesign template. (This way, I don't get carried away and can better stick to a words count which will fit in that space.)

Third step: Based on what I described in the assigned space, I will select 28 photos from the "Best of" file to be featured in the guide. 

Go Nat, go!

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